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21 August 2013 @ 05:19 pm
your side  
Title: your side
Author: twilight_rush
Summary: It was the most cliché thing they could’ve done.
Rated: NC-17
Warning: Explicit, consensual sex between two teens over the age of 16.
Disclaimer: These words are my own.
Note: mediate89 made me. Again. These two characters are a byproduct of the Percy Jackson rp we're in. A "what if so-and-so had kids in the future" However, that world isn't mentioned here. Does that still make it fanfiction? Idk. (If anyone's curious, Lucas is Connor and Katie's son. And Marina's Bianca's kid.)

It was the most cliché thing they could’ve done: to have sex for the first time on prom night? It wasn’t spur of the moment, and actually, they’ve done everything but put his dick into her.

          Marina and Lucas have talked about it before, after one too many times where innocent kisses turned into Lucas with his hands up Marina’s skirt, or her jerking him off till he couldn’t kiss straight anymore. He’s told her he wanted her—to be his proper first. (The thought had thrilled Marina, that someone wanted her in that way.) Lucas blamed on them not going all the way on end-of-the-school year work, finishing up college preparations, and parents always being home. Lucas joked at one point about getting a motel room. He was 18, and there were a few around that rented to that age. But the thought left a sour taste in his mouth. He wanted it to be better than that.

          If it wouldn’t happen before school was officially over, it would before summer ended, and he headed off for college.

                                                                                                          x x x

It started off fairly normal. After prom, Lucas and Marina went with their friends to a burger joint, and ate there before goofing off in the parking lot.  They found an empty field afterwards to drink the few beers one of the guys stole from his parents.  Lucas only had one, and Marina wasn’t into it. Just as he was about to ask if she wanted to leave, she said, “My moms aren’t home.”

          Oh. Okay. Then he noticed the shy way she looked at her lap, a small sly grin on her lips as her fingers trailed the silver lining on her dress.
          That’s how they found themselves in Marina’s bedroom. She had tiny white Christmas lights draped around her bed frame, casting a calm glow into the dark. It was almost romantic. Sometime between driving there and walking into her room, Lucas felt uncomfortable in his stiff clothes. A growing ache began below his waist, and the more he thought about it, the more his dick strained against his pants.

          Marina looked pretty—no, gorgeous. She was wonderful, Lucas thought. Dark, curly hair pinned up, body in a strapless red dress that made her olive skin glow and pushed her tits out.  She smiled and pulled on his red tie till his nose just barely touched hers. Her breath mixed with his, and god, she was sexy.

          “Kiss me,” she said. “Please?”

          He liked how hot she felt pressed against his body when he kissed her. She tasted like the strawberry milkshake from earlier, it overriding the aftertaste of beer still in his mouth. She kept pulling his tie, tongue glossing over his bottom lip. Lucas imagined her lips wrapped on another part of him, and he groaned into her mouth.

          Marina worked him out of his tie and shirt, hands sliding down his stomach. Her lips moved over his chin as her fingers unbuckled his belt and dipped beneath his waistband. This was so much better than any fantasy, any wet dream, he’s ever had. Lucas touched her back, finding the zipper to her dress. “Can I?” he asked.

          “Yes,” she said softly. “. . . I have a condom,” she added, smiling. He hadn’t even thought to bring one because he didn’t picture this happening.

          “You planned this, didn’t you?” he asked, and Marina’s smile only widened.

          When they were finally naked, and on her bed, he took a moment to actually look at her. She wasn’t stick thin with a flat stomach. And maybe, if her mind wasn’t hazed over, she’d feel self-conscious. Lucas didn’t care about that—she was perfect. He loved her and he wanted to fuck her.

          Her knees were bent, and he leaned up to kiss one. His teeth nipped and tongue trailed down her inner thigh. He could see her hands clutching the bed sheets, the way her thighs slightly shook. He saw the wetness from her cunt leaking out.

          He played around with kissing both her thighs before he licked her swollen clit. Hands tugged on his hair and his tongue dove into her. “Oh my—,” she moaned. “Oh, oh.” Her thighs tightened around his head, and he had to hold them apart as he licked and sucked on her pink clit. She tasted almost as good as her kisses.

          Marina whined his name, cursing, “Fuck,” as she arched her back. He wanted to tell her to be louder, that the more she cursed the harder he got. But then he stopped, and leaned up with her wetness still on his chin. He grabbed the condom she placed by them, and as soon as he put it on, her legs went around his waist. His cock pressed against her cunt, and he had to tell himself to slow down, not yet, don’t fuck her into the mattress yet.

          His hand went over her tit, thumbing the nipple till it was stiff. He licked along her neck, mumbling, “What do you think about when you touch yourself?”

          He knew she did. There’d be times when they were talking on the phone late at night, and he was horny and would tell her all the things he wanted to do to her. He could hear tiny gasps as she finger-fucked herself to his voice. Later she would lie and say she didn’t.

          “You,” she said, “touching me—.”

          “Touching you how?” He grinded, grunting at how he managed not to cum right then.

          “Uh, uh—y-your fingers deep in me, touching—.”

“Like this?” His hand went between them and he found her clit, still slick and swollen, wanting attention. She shut her eyes tight as his fingers rubbed her.  He curved two fingers into her, jerking his hand. “Oh mio dio,” she moaned.
          He kissed away her other words, asking, “What else?”

          Marina slugged her arms around his neck. “I want you,” she said, face flushed and eyes glazed over. “I want you so badly, Lucas.” He could get off on her saying his name in that breathless tone.

          She closed her eyes again as he sunk into her. Her legs shook and she bit her lip. She thought she would come undone just from him entering her. Lucas pulled out some, and then thrust hard back in, causing her to cry out. “Keep going, keep going,” she gasped. She cradled his face, and looked at his mouth slightly open, and his blue eyes so vivid. A mixture of want and love in them, all for her, only for her. She kissed him, crying, when his hips jerked and he hit her just right.

          Lucas’s mouth licked down to the top of her tits, kissing the skin. He glanced up at her as he rolled his tongue around her nipple, before sucking it into his mouth. Marina felt herself tighten around his cock, and it was too much. She was too full, too sensitive, and she was going to cum all over him. She leaned her head back, gasping louder, “Gods,” and “Fuck,” slipping out.

          Every time his fingers went over her clit, her hips jumped, and he had to hold her down. There would be finger-shaped bruises scattered on her hips later. The tension in her stomach and cunt were getting tighter. Lucas licked her lips, groaning. All he heard was skin hitting skin, his heartbeat too loud, and blood rushing through his body. Marina gripped the pillow, turning to sob into it. “Baby, fottermi.”

          He hugged her flushed against him, as he sped up his thrusts till the lights on the bed frame began to shake. She wrapped her arms around him, smiling against his neck, gasps a little higher pitched. “Lucas, baby—.” She became quiet when she came, broken gasps sounding like she was crying. Her nails dug into his shoulders, leaving tiny red marks. He stopped moving as he cummed. He moaned in her ear, giving small, lazy thrusts till he was done.

          They stayed pressed together till their breathing calmed. Lucas pulled out, careful to take off the condom before tossing it in the trashcan by the bed.  Marina giggled when he kissed her, and held his face to make it last longer. They settled under the covers, arms around each other.

          “I want you to stay the night,” she said. He twirled his fingers in her curls, smiling.

          “I don’t think your moms would appreciate seeing me in your bed. Naked.”

          She pouted, and he kissed her, smiling still. “They told me what time they’d be back. We have two hours left, at least.”

          Lucas’s arms tightened around her, still trying to pull her closer to him. “I’ll stay till then.”

* Oh my god
** Fuck/fuck me
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