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17 September 2013 @ 07:53 pm
Title: pressure
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Summary: They could get into some serious trouble (plus social shame and snickers from the campers) if they were caught.
Pairing: Katie Gardner/Connor Stoll
Rated: R
Warning: Sexual content
Disclaimer: Rick RIordan owns PJO

They shouldn’t be doing this here. They could get into some serious trouble (plus social shame and snickers from the campers) if they were caught. Katie was the rational one, and she should be telling Connor—risk taker, spontaneous trickster—they needed to go somewhere private. They first time he had suggested they do something, she had told him no. And he never brought up it again.

         But now . . .

         Katie liked going to the Strawberry Fields during an evening. It was best when no one else was around, so it felt more peaceful.  The sun was beginning to go down, melting pale orange across the fields. She felt so relaxed, lying on the cool grass, the scent of strawberries around her. Sometimes Connor followed her out there, making quips about how much of a Nature Girl she was for a Demeter kid. She’d tell him to shut up before kissing him. (One of the things that surprised her when she started kissing and dating Connor Stoll—was how good he was at kissing.)

         It was a lazy Sunday, not much to do, and Katie wanted to get away from her cabin for a bit. Her and Connor laid in a grassy area, tall bushes surrounding them. She had her head on his chest, while he played with her hair, making tiny crud braids she’d scold at him for later. At some point, she rolled over and lay on top of him, a slight smile on her face.

         The corner of his mouth lifted as he looked at her. She liked his eyes—a nice clear blue, lighter than hers. “What?” she said, an undertone of laughter in her voice. She weaved her fingers through his curls, tugging on them gently when she leaned her forehead on his.

         “Nothing.” His nose bumped hers as he chuckled.

         She used to think it weird how comfortable she could feel against someone she considered her enemy (maybe a “frenemy”). Now it felt so natural. And she liked how his arms felt around her waist. Katie put both her hands in his hair, and kissed him.

         Her and Connor—they’ve done every type of kissing you could think of: cheek kisses, nose kisses, good night/morning kisses, short, innocent kisses, long, make-out sessions that involved hands and unbuttoning jeans—

         Katie came to realize (and she found it embarrassing sometimes to admit) she got incredibly turned out when kissing Connor. It didn’t help much that he was a good kisser, knew where to place his hands, and that he was really cute, hot, sexy sometimes—

         But yeah.

         She sighed as his hands dropped to her lower back. Other days, she’d be a little more reserved about being in this position, in the open, with him. But the fields were empty, and the bushes covered them, so it was fine. And they weren’t doing too much.

         Connor had moved his hands enough that they rested under her shirt, pressing into her skin. He pulled away from her lips, and said, “You taste like strawberries.”

         A brief wave of déjà vu hit her as she rolled her eyes and kissed him again.

         That’s where the problem started. The first time and now.

         Connor’s lips were on places other than her lips, and her hands everywhere on him, body flushed against his. Her thighs shifted around his hips and she muttered, “Gods,” into his shoulder.

         They haven’t done anything in awhile, and, Katie blamed it on her upcoming period, she’d been feeling horny for the longest time. More than usual. Connor with his messy, curly hair and nice jawline made it worse too. Last time that happened, they were in the Strawberry Fields like now. Connor had touched her leg and asked if she wanted to “do something.” Katie told him no, because what if someone saw? He respected that, and they continued to kiss and cuddle as normal.

         Katie rolled over again, causing Connor to lay half on top of her. Her shirt had raised, bare stomach showing. Katie’s cheek felt hot, and Connor was probably wondering why she had her legs so tightly together. She leaned up to his ear, and spoke quietly. The sly look he gave her made her heart beat faster, as it did when his lips trailed over her neck and back onto her lips. His hands rubbed circles into her hips, and he smiled as Katie closed her eyes, sighing, “Please.”

         She really just wanted to get off. Now, before she lost her nerve or someone showed up.

         He kissed her while unbuttoning her shorts, slowly pulling down the zipper. Her legs spread more, pelvis pushing into Connor’s. She tugged on his hair when he groaned. He only shoved her shorts and panties down far enough to put his hand in.

         “Oh!” Her hips jumped when his thumb brushed over the tip of her swollen clit. Oh gods, she was more turned on than she thought. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she kissed him deeper. Connor rubbed his palm over her cunt, fingers lingering on her nub a little longer. Katie squirmed, whimpering in his mouth.

          Some days she was grateful for Connor’s long fingers. Today was one of them.

         He curved a finger into Katie—all hot and wet—and grinned at her soft moan. “Don’t make too much noise,” he said, kissing her cheek. “Just in case.”

         He added another, then a third, angling his wrist before jerking his hand. Katie leaned her head back, thighs closing around his hand. Holy gods, she should’ve waited till they were somewhere more private because she wanted to moan loudly and not care.

         “C-Connor, oh—“ He was thrusting slowly now, thumb rubbing lazy circles on her clit. She didn’t notice she was pushing against his hand, trying to relieve the pressure off her clit. Her wetness covered Connor’s fingers, down to his knuckles. He jerked his hand again, fingers curved and thrusting upwards. He rubbed her clit more firmly, and Katie kissed him harder, trying to keep herself from crying out. Her mind was floating off as a warm pressure built in her pelvis, and pooled in her stomach.

         When Connor mumbled against her lips, “You’re gonna cum?” and his fingers thrust just right, Katie’s back arched. She grabbed the ground, crushing strands of grass, as she came, her orgasm rushing through her body. “Uh—!”

         It passed through her fast, and she breathed heavily, mind still in a daze. A happy glow settled over her, and she kissed Connor as he removed his hand. “Gods, Katie,” he laughed, looking at how wet his hand was. Katie blushed, face turning redder as Connor licked some of his fingers before wiping the rest on his jeans. He fixed her shorts before pulling her into his arms.

         “Do you want me to . . .” Katie started, touching his hip. Connor shook his head.

         “I’m fine,” he said, kissing her and smiling. “Maybe next time.”

         He was a pretty good boyfriend.
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