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22 December 2013 @ 03:38 pm
i don't know how  
Title: I Don't Know How
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: RPF: Daniel Sharman and Crystal Reed
Summary: You always settle right back into routine.
Pairing: "Dystal"-- Daniel Sharman/Crystal Reed
Rated: PG-13, mild adult situations.
Warning: See above
Disclaimer: I am the great pretender. This work is entirely fictional
Note: Written in second person pov (Crystal's). I haven't written a RPF in ages, whoa.

How long has it been since Daniel has touched you? Not a hug, a warm arm around your shoulders, or a hand on your lower back for photos. But actual caressing of your curves, his fingers digging into your hips, along your spine, across your stomach.

           How long have you been broken up?

           You’re almost surprised as how well you remember what it’s like to be consumed by him. Maybe it is like learning how to drive—once you know, you don’t forget it, no matter the length of absence. You always settle right back into routine.

           You’re sinking into the mattress as his forearms circle your head, his legs on either side of your hips till you’re covered by him. His body heat keeps you warm and safe, your cheeks turning red as he kisses you. It feels like the first time: when he asked you out, when you confessed you liked him, when he kissed you and your heart stopped as your stomach twisted up. It was the most wonderful feeling. You don’t get that with just anyone you kiss.

           Daniel says something but you don’t hear it as you tangle your fingers through his curls, shifting so you can wrap your legs around his waist. You want, maybe need, him closer. His mouth licks across your neck, as he presses into you. Your dress is bunched up around your waist, and through his jeans and your damp panties you can feel him.

           “Crystal.” He pulls back so his lips hovers yours but you can still see the blue of his eyes, his face flushed and lips swollen. Your chest tightens painfully and god, you never really got over him, did you? No matter how many months passed, the lone trips you took, methods of getting over a breakup—you still love him. You’d take him back without a second thought.

           Figuring out how you two got to this point, where Daniel is removing his clothes, and he’s slowly stripping you of yours, is complicated. You wonder if this was a long time coming, meant to be, or if you two are fools.

           You hold him close to you, hand trailing down his lean back as he enters you. “Oh my god,” falls from your mouth the same time “I love you,” comes from Daniel.

           He loves you. He still loves you.

           You’re not sure if you should be elated or scared, allow yourself to think that after this, you’ll be together again. But you don’t want to ruin the moment—you’ll deal with it afterwards. You cradle his face and kiss him, moaning as he fills you, your bodies moving, and you pretend nothing has changed.
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