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08 September 2013 @ 11:11 pm
you make me shout and shake  
Title: you make me shout and shake
Author: twilight_rush
Summary: Sean's busy being in geometry class and Jonah keeps sexting him.
Rated: NC-17
Warning: Consensual, explicit sex between two guys.
Disclaimer: These words are my own. Title taken from an innocent, cute song called Do The Eggroll by Peach Kelli Pop.
Note: Lol.

It was totally Jonah’s fault. See, it started at the beginning of the school day, while Sean was sitting in Geometry class. He was doodling on his notes, trying not to fall asleep to the teacher’s slow speech, when his cellphone vibrated. Sean sat toward the back of the class, so he could sneak out his phone without being caught. He took it out and saw a text from Jonah.

       I’m horny.

       Sean snorted, and quickly texted back. What a problem.

        I think my jeans are too tight today, Jonah wrote. I think you can still fit your hands down in there.

       Don’t sext me I’m in geo class. Sean thought for a moment, before adding ;) and pressing send.

x x x

The texts continued all day.

       I could suck you off under your desk till you cum too hard. On my face, in my mouth.

       Sean sighed quietly, leaning forward in his seat as he stared at his phone. At first they were silly, and Sean would reply with a cheeky remark. As the day went on, the texts became more graphic, and the more Sean thought about it, he’d rather be in a closet, a bed, anywhere secluded, with Jonah’s hands down his jeans than be at school.

       I’ll fuck your mouth before I let you fuck me, Sean wrote. Bury your cock so deep in me, I want you to fuck me hard, your cum dripping out of me. Maybe I’ll let you lick it out. Sean was vaguely aware of how he was squeezing his thighs, his crotch uncomfortably tensed.

       You’re gonna make me cum right now, Jonah said.

       Don’t get it on your teacher’s desk.

x x x

Sean’s not sure how he managed not to take Jonah’s jeans off right there in his car. But he kept his hands to himself till they got to Sean’s house. Of course, his mother had to there, home early from work. After reassuring her that they were fine, weren’t hungry, and didn’t need anything, the two went to Sean’s room.

       His mom knew him and Jonah were dating. As far as Sean was concerned, she didn’t know they were having sex, and he’d rather keep it that way. She probably thought they were too innocent—Sean being her “baby boy and Jonah with his childlike green eyes and charming smile.
       As soon as Sean shut his door, Jonah shoved him on the bed, lean body hovering over him.

       “I’ve waited all day for this,Jonah said, kissing Sean. Everything about Jonah—the way his lips moved and hands roamed under Sean’s shirt—felt too hot. Sean licked his tongue, smiling when Jonah moaned quietly. Sean lifted his hips, pressing against Jonah, and felt his hardness pushing back.

       “Oh,” he laughed. Jonah sneered, grabbing Sean’s curls and pulling his head back, white neck fully bared. Jonah’s teeth ran over the vein showing, tongue sliding back on it.

        “Better to fuck you with yeah?”  Jonah muttered into his skin. Sean’s thighs clutched again, wanting to get out of his pants. Jonah leaned up and shucked off his shirt. Sean ran his hand up his abdomen, liking the way his skin contrasted with Jonah’s amber-colored one. His hand traveled down to grasp Jonah’s bulge, and Sean smiled at the opened-mouth look Jonah had.

       “Take your jeans off,” Sean ordered, getting rid of his own clothes too. He whined when he finally got his boxers off, cock popping straight up. The tip was a dark pink, and Sean was sure if Jonah just breathed on it, he’d cum everywhere. Jonah kissed Sean’s chin, marking his way down to his collar bones.

       “Oh, I think you want this more than me,” he said, poking Sean’s thigh with his own cock. Sean’s legs spread, and he bit his lip, imagining Jonah ramming into his tight hole. He arched his back as Jonah’s tongue trailed over his chest, running over his nipples. Jonah laughed when Sean squeaked.

       “I can’t get over how sensitive you are there,” Jonah said, licking them again. He chuckled when Sean told him to shut up. He kissed lower till he came to Sean’s pelvis, and looked up. “I can’t get over how big you are either.” He gripped Sean’s cock, his precum dripping onto Jonah’s fingers. Sean groaned, shifting his hips, trying to fuck Jonah’s hand.

       “Baby’s a little eager,” Jonah teased, sliding his hand up and down once. Sean squirmed, cursing at him. Jonah leaned his head down; so close that Sean could feel his warm breath on his cock. Jonah placed the tip against his lips, smearing the precum.

       “—Please?” Sean whined, and Jonah took him into his mouth. “Shi—“ Sean bit his lip again, gripping the bed sheets as he tried not to moan too loud.

       Gods, if his mother heard them…

       “Uh!” Jonah took more of him, stretching his lips as he bobbed his head. His hot mouth made Sean want to curse louder. His hand tangled itself in Jonah’s black hair as he raised his hips. “Feel so good,” Sean gasped. ‘Take it all.” Jonah hollowed his cheeks more, grunting as Sean pushed more of his cock in. He gripped his hair tighter, now thrusting, not caring. Jonah gagged, lips red, and drool leaking out.

       “Jonah—Jonah, gods,” Sean cried. He felt too good—the warm build-up tightening in his stomach was beginning to be too much. He wanted to cum down Jonah’s throat already, but he didn’t want the euphoric feeling of Jonah sucking him off to stop.

       Jonah’s hands stroked and tugged on his balls. Sean yanked his hair, moaning. He fucked Jonah’s face faster till he couldn’t breathe, his legs stretching out as his came hard, cum rushing out. He had to bite the side of his pillow to keep from screaming. Jonah kept sucking, messily swallowing the cum leaking, dribbling onto his chin.

       Sean lay limp, breathing hard as Jonah let go. He wiped cum off his chin and swollen lips. “Your mom probably heard us, big mouth,” Jonah said. Sean stuck his tongue out at him, pulling Jonah up to kiss him. He was too focused on his lips to notice Jonah’s hands trailing pass his waist to grip his ass. Fingers brushed his entrance, and Sean’s hips jumped. Jonah spread his knees apart, settling between his legs. Sean reached over into his sidetable’s drawer, clumsily pushing things out the way till he found a small bottle of lube.

       “You’re really beautiful, you know,” Jonah said, squirting lube on his cock and pressing against Sean. Sean breathed shakily, and wrapped his arms around Jonah’s shoulders. He kissed him as Jonah entered him, annoyingly slow.

       “Come on—“ Sean pressed the heel of his foot on Jonah’s lower back, just as the boy thrusted in deeper.

       “Gods!” Sean groaned, breathing faster at the sudden fullness, trying to take Jonah all in till he couldn’t. He yanked on his hair for him to kiss him again, as Jonah grasped his hips. Sean couldn’t decide if he liked fucking Jonah more than he liked Jonah doing him. But the way Jonah had his hips angled as he slammed into Sean made it difficult to think.

       Jonah tugged on his ear with his teeth, licking inside. “Don’t make a noise,” he groaned, hips snapping into Sean’s.

       Sean’s lips were turning a deep red from him biting them too hard, trying to suppress all the cries and cusses he wanted to yell. “Shi—harder,” he said. “Gods, go faster.” Jonah’s hands grabbed Sean’s cock, cum already trailing down the sides. He smeared it around the head with his thumb, smiling as Sean cried.  “Oh my gods, I can’t—I can’t—“

       It was when Jonah jerked him off that Sean couldn’t hold it in anymore. He arched his back as his body gave way to a hard orgasm hitting him, cumming all over Jonah’s hand and the rest splattering all over their stomachs.  “Oh—Oh—“

       Jonah’s thrusts became sloppy, his mouth on Sean’s neck as he shook. “Shit, shit.” He moaned, finally cumming inside Sean. He stayed still, pressed tightly, before he collapsed beside him.

       Some minutes into the afterglow, after Sean wiped off cum and drool, and Jonah was cuddling him from behind, he said, “My mom probably heard us.”

       “It’s not like this isn’t the first time we’ve done it when one of your parents was home,” Jonah laughed, kissing Sean’s shoulder as the boy sighed.
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